Here is what some of our customers think...
  • “Lamerton Swales has a wealth of social marketing knowledge with regard to organisational politics, partnership working and the motivational factors for individuals. They have a proven track record in actually delivering strategic direction for the implementation of social marketing through partnerships. In particular, Louise Pinkney is energetic and thorough in her approach. She is utterly reliable, has integrity and is tenacious.

    Louise is highly skilled in development and implementation of social marketing initiatives, and has harnessed this experience to enable insights into the organisational culture needed, in order that the climate for implementation is primed. She is unique in her ability to hone in on what needs to be done to move strategy to operational delivery, and how to bring partners to the table to do this. Her interpersonal skills are finely honed and she takes her Blackberry to bed.”

    Jan Thompson, Public Health Specialist and social marketing lead,
    North Tyneside Primary Care Trust

    "As a result of our work with Louise, Suffolk played a leading role in the implementation of "Health on Tap", which has now been adopted by all of Suffolk County Council's residential homes as well as other 24-hour care establishments throughout the county. Louise's facilitation resulted in a beneficial outcome for Suffolk residents as well as for Anglian Water. I understand the campaign has been rolled out nationally, with equally impressive results.”

    Stephen Dean, Manager, Practice Advice Team, Adults and Communities,
    Suffolk County Council

  • “NHS Kensington and Chelsea have worked with social marketing consultancy Lamerton Swales for over a year on our Oral Health and NHS Dentistry project. Throughout this period we have greatly benefited from the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise Louise Pinkney and her team have brought to this project.  Lamerton Swales have a comprehensive and ‘true’ understanding of social marketing and behaviour change principles, which sets them apart from other consultancies entering the burgeoning social marketing field.  Our project has made huge and innovative advances in the past 12 months and this could not have been achieved without the professionalism, skill and sheer hard work of Louise”

    Justine Prentis – Head of Communications,
    NHS Kensington & Chelsea

    "When considering external options to support our consumer campaigns, Lamerton Swales was a clear winner. Louise has an impressive ability to challenge old fashioned perceptions and help us identify the issues that will really make a difference to our consumers and therefore, to our business. Through introducing us to the concept of social marketing, she has helped us build a community programme that we are extremely proud of including Health on Tap, which has gone on to be an Award winner.”

    Andrew Mackintosh – Head of External Communications,
    Anglian Water

  • “Appointing Lamerton Swales to help the Yorkshire Film Archive develop new models for creating access  to our collections was a great decision. They brought knowledge and experience of the specific health care markets, and are helping us as a small organisation to not only think creatively about what can be achieved, but also to understand practically how we plan and deliver large scale projects successfully.”

    Sue Howard, Director,
    Yorkshire Film Archive

    “Cool Schools has set the industry standard for drinking water campaigns and Louise has helped us become the industry flagbearers. We have won UK and European recognition and awards for a project that she helped us take from the ordinary to the ground breaking. Accolades include winning the Utility Awards Best Community Initiative, Business in the Community’s Big Tick Awards, Beacon of Best Practice in the Government’s Healthy Living for Schools Blueprint, and exemplar practice of Business and Community Partnership from the Secretary of State.”

    Richard Sears, Head of Corporate Affairs,
    Yorkshire Water

  • "Louise's skills and experience have enabled us to address social and community issues, such as climate change and fuel poverty. Her approach is fresh and forward thinking, showing us how the use of social marketing can raise our game. She is also savvy; accurately reflecting our brand and our values as a company, and our perception among stakeholders. She has an ability to foster partnerships with other organisations that actually deliver sustainable campaigns and engender mutual trust and respect.”

    Karen Darby, Chief Executive,
    Simply Switch

    “Louise's strategic insight and negotiation skills have been pivotal in drawing in new resources and thinking to the vital challenge of properly hydrating pupils in schools.”

    Colin Noble,
    Dept of Health Healthy Schools Programme